Walking guided tour


Walking guided tour combined with a bicycle tour


Biking guided tours
For the adventurous and recreational cyclist who loves variety in landscape and ground during their vacation and is not afraid of a climb, I offer various cycling guided tours.

It may also appear that you experience cycling abroad as scary, in that case I can accompany you.

In the immediate vicinity are several interesting places, for example: -Cacelha Velha; -Castro Marim; -Tavira and Vila Real de Santo António. Also a nice place to visit is the small town of Ayamonte, just across the river Guadiana in Spain, reachable by a ferry, which immediately shows you  a completely different atmosphere.


Urban bike ride with a city bike​






This applies to all guided activities:

- That you will be guided in English and that we will meet at a previous appointed time and place.
- Your walking or biking guided tour can start at any of this city's:

- Alcoutim; - Castro Marim; - Faro;  - Mertola; - Tavira or Vila Real de Santo Antonio.

- It is also possible to start from any train station in the Eastern Algarve with a guided activity.